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Band Photo Backstage
Searching for something....
Full house !!
Joanna Dong on the big screen
Sebastian Ho
Awesome View of MGM Grand


Band Photo
Rehearsal Studio
Rehearsal Studio
Freezing Cold in Beijing
My Office
Beautiful Venue
Awesome crowd !
Photo with Chen Chu Sheng

陈楚生 TOUR @ SHENZHEN, NOV 25TH 2019

Acoustic Medley
Kit Chan Spellbound Concert
Kit Chan Spellbound Concert
Kit Chan Spellbound Concert
Kit Chan Spellbound Concert
Kit Chan Spellbound Concert


Unplugged Segment

ROY LI 自由发挥 CONCERT 12 DEC 2015


Huang Pin Yuan

Such a fun and jovial singer songwriter, and he is using a PRS guitar and the same guitar effects as me on the show !


The LEGEND, Luo Da You. One of the most respected songwriters and performer in Asia.

Cantopop Legend George Lam

Picture here taken during rehearsals with George Lam, in anticipation for his upcoming world tour.

Hong Kong Artiste - Michael Wong

Did a show with famous Hong Kong actor Michael Wong, who starred in countless Hong Kong movies. Great warm guy with absolutely no airs whatsoever. And he's a great singer and showman !!

Hong Kong Superstar Kenny Bee

Hong Kong Superstar Kenny Bee. Taken during rehearsal for his show at the MBS on 11 May 2013. Singing on the same show was Shirley Kwan.

Chong Feng 12 Band with Qi Yu

Fantastic band backing up all the Taiwanese artistes for Chong Feng 12 concert - 17 May 2014

Taiwanese Diva Qi Yu

Chong Feng 12 - 17 May 2014

Taiwanese Diva - Pan Yue Yun

Taiwan Superstar Pan Yue Yun. Chong Feng 12 - 17 May 2014

Taiwanese Diva - Zheng Shu Qin

Chong Feng 12 - 17 May 2014

My two favourite axes

My trusty Tom Anderson and my newly acquired Carvin NS - 1 nylon string guitar. Trying out a Michael-Angelo-Batio-wannabe pose !

The Trevor Ashley Show STAR*STRUCK

STAR STRUCK Band pic taken with Trevor Ashley. From left: Michael Tyack (Keyboardist, MD), Sebastian Ho (guitars), Trevor Ashley, Chee Wah Yong (Bass) and Andy Davies (Drums). 16 Nov 2013.

The New Minstrels (Pop Supergroup)

Greatest privilege to back up Philippines pop supergroup, The New Minstrels, a few times in the past couple of years. Amazing singers they are ! This was taken on 25 Oct 2013 for Singapore Community Chest Gala Dinner.

Li Fei Hui

Roy Li. Taken backstage during the Xinyao31 concert on 31 August 2013. Rocker he is !

Xinyao31's Awesome Band

The awesome band that backed all the singers for almost 5 hours during the whole concert. Missing in the picture is the string section.

Kenny Bee's Band

From Left: King Lam - Bass (Hong Kong), Jimmy Lee - Drums (Singapore), Michael Yuen - 1st Keys cum MD (Hong Kong), Tracey - 2nd Keys (Hong Kong) and Sebastian Ho - Guitar (Singapore).

Kenny Bee Show - Group Picture

Together with the backup singers Pam and Pat.

Ramli Sarip a.k.a. Father Of Rock

Suria Live TV Show, Suria Elektra 2010. At the Mediacorp staff food court with Ramli Sarip, whom I backed up during the show.

Siti Nurhaliza

Siti Nurhaliza. Suria Elektra 2010. Picture taken backstage before the show.

The Lion King - Zazu

The Lion King Musical (Mar - Oct 2011) @ MBS Theater. Picture taken with Zazu backstage.

The Lion King - Pumbaa & Timon

Hakuna Matata !! Backstage with Pumbaa and Timon

The Lion King - Scar

The evil Scar.....

Clement Ishmael - Walt Disney

Great time working with Clement Ishmael, the world wide supervisor for all The Lion King shows.

The Lion King Orchestra

Mar - Oct 2011

The Lion King - Orchestra Pit

Our humble little abode in the pit, with Brandon Wong on bass.

Mike Stern

Taken on 12th Sept 2010 during Mike Stern's masterclass at The Esplanade.

Singapore Idol Grand Finals 2009

Backstage at The Indoor Stadium facing the 10,000 strong audience.

Singapore Idol Grand Finals 2009

TV Screenshot of the song "Crazy" by Aerosmith, sung by Sezairi Sezali, who eventually won the competition.

Singapore Idol Grand Finals 2009

Picture taken backstage with winner Sezairi Sezali.

Bandstand Elektra 2012

Mediacorp Suria Channel Live Show

MOSAIC Music Festival 2009

Playing with the Niquitta Trio at Mosaic Music Festival 2009, consisting of Niq Osman on percussion, Wilfred Bay on bass and Sebastian Ho on guitar.

Chijazz Festival '08 - Jazz Tapestry

Soundchecking before the show - backing up Dylan Foster.

Gig at Khayangan Estate - Bali

Beautiful sunset before a gig at Khayangan Estate, Bali, facing the Indian Ocean. Oct 2011.

Randy Brecker

That's Randy Brecker. He hung his nametag upside down. But that didn't stop me from recognising him !

Benny Green

The great Benny Green. This was taken after a ridiculously amazing show with Russell Malone. Totally floored.

Jimmy Bruno

The great jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno. Really nice and humble man.

Thomson Big Band Performing at IAJE

Thomson Big Band's performance segment at IAJE 2003.

Birdland in New York

Legendary Jazz venue Birdland in New York.

Valtinho Anastacio

Good buddy and singer songwriter percussionist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Taken after a series of gigs at Fullerton Bay Hotel.

December Rains Orchestra

Mandarin musical December Rains orchestra with Kit Chan in July 2010.

Suria Bandstand Electra 2nd Mar '12

In Mediacorp's TV Theatre before the live telecast.

Derrick Hoh (Warner Artiste)

Taken after a show with Derrick.

Gig at Marine Life Park (RWS)

17 Nov 2012. Beautiful aquarium at Marine Life Park. Great band consisting of Bobby Singh on percussions and Terry Ang on flute. Chill out ethereal world music was the order of the day.

Gig at Marine Life Park (RWS)

Surreal scene....

Santa Claus Musical Orchestra

The awesome Orchestra for Santa Claus Musical Dec 2012 @ MBS Grand Theater

Ukulele Madness @ Chjimes

Playing with Fabian Lim at Ukulele Madness Festival.

Chronicles 5 performing at Mosaic

Chronicles 5 performing on 9th March 2013 for the Mosaic Music Festival outdoor stage. Band members include Lily Anna Nuris on vocals, Nicolas Lim on keyboards, Casey Subramaniam on bass, Jimmy Lee on drums and yours truly on guitar, featuring guest percussionist from Denmark, Simona Abdallah.

MOSAIC Music Festival 2013

Close up shot at MOSAIC Music Festival with Chronicles 5.

World Gourmet Summit 2013

Did a special show for the Charity Dinner for the World Gourmet Summit 2013 at Fullerton Hotel backing up child prodigy vocalist Miguel Antonio and Donne Ray (from The Platters, not in picture).

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