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Project Bands.......

The SBT Trio - MOSAIC Music Festival 2014

Excerpts of our performance at MOSAIC Music Festival on 10th March 2014. Performing our originals as well as favorite covers of contemporary and ethnic songs. 

FusioNation - Travels by Pat Metheny

My humble little cover of an amazing tune by Pat Metheny, done with my project band FuzioNation at the Esplanade Jazz in July 2023, The Pat Metheny Songbook. 

FusioNation - Bright Sized Life by Pat Metheny

Performing a guitar solo on Bright Sized Life by Pat Metheny with my band FuzioNation at Esplanade Jazz in July 2023, The Pat Metheny Songbook.

Kailin - Seb - Felix Trio

Performing a hauntingly beautiful arrangement named Tak Lelo Lehdung by violinist Kailin Yong at L' Opera Club.

Rit Xu Group - Lepak

Taking a solo on an original tune, Lepak by flautist Rit Xu. 

The Fuzionazz Project - Play

Performing "Play" by Mike Stern at Blujaz Cafe on 9 Dec 2011. Featuring Fabian Lim on sax, Brandon Wong on bass and Jamie Castrisos on drums.

Chronicles 5 - Hit Me by Oz Noy

Performing "Hit Me" by Oz Noy at Blujaz Cafe some time in 2014. Can't remember exactly when though.....amazing drum solo by Jimmy Lee. 

Rit Xu Group - Do It Again by Steely Dan

Performing a solo on Do It Again by Steely Dan

The Fuzionazz Project - Hawaii Five O

Great Randy Waldman's arrangement of the classic Hawaii Five O.

The Fuzionazz Project - Spherical

Taking a solo on the song "Spherical" by The Brecker Brothers.


Mediacorp SG50 TV Jingle

Recorded this with the great Don Gomes on piano, Christy Smith on double bass, Eddy Laymen on drums and Richard Jackson on vocals. Arranged and recorded by National Youth Award recipient, Ruth Ling. 


Performing 只有你能完成我的歌 with local celebrity Bonnie Loo. The song was written by award winner Roy Li. Beautiful and chill ballad version was chosen over the original rocking style.

Stella By Starlight - Solo Jazz Guitar

Solo guitar version of the standard Stella By Starlight, recorded at PBE (Play By Ear) Music School.

Niquitta Trio - MOSAIC Music Festival 2009

Niquitta Trio playing Caravan at MOSAIC Music Festival 2009. The trio consists of Sebastian Ho on guitars, Niq Osman on percussions and Wilfred Bey on double bass.

Anugerah Hitz Live On Suria Channel

Anugerah Hitz Live on Mediacorp Suria Channel, 3rd April 2010 - Featuring Sezairi Sezali on vocals, Sebastian Ho and Regi Leo on guitars.

Cheek To Cheek

Sebastian Ho and Alex Hsieh jazzin' it out to "Cheek To Cheek", with Compass Entertainment.

Joanna & Seb - The Frim Fram Sauce

Sebastian Ho and Joanna Dong jazzin' it out to "The Frim Fram Sauce" at Quarubar.

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